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Top 10 Ways to Make Money in Cosmetology: U.S. Guide

top 10 ways to make money in cosmetology

Are you passionate about beauty and looking for ways to turn your skills into a lucrative career? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top 10 ways to make money in the exciting field of cosmetology. Whether you’re a licensed cosmetologist or just starting out, there are plenty of opportunities to earn a generous income in this industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore various cosmetology career opportunities to find your niche.
  • Consider income-generating ideas beyond traditional salon work.
  • Discover side hustles that can boost your earnings in the cosmetology field.
  • Keep up with industry trends and advancements to stay ahead.
  • Network and build strong relationships with clients and fellow professionals.

Skin Care Consultant

A skin care consultant is a professional who specializes in helping clients meet their skin care needs. They are knowledgeable about different skin types, common skin concerns, and the latest beauty products in the market. Skin care consultants work closely with clients to assess their skin conditions and recommend suitable products and treatments.

Working in various settings such as salons, spas, and malls, skin care consultants are trained to provide personalized advice and educate clients on proper skincare routines. They help clients address issues like dryness, acne, signs of aging, and other skin conditions. By understanding their clients’ needs, skin care consultants can recommend products that will enhance their clients’ appearance and promote healthy skin.

Whether it’s selecting the right moisturizer, recommending a sunscreen, or suggesting a specific treatment, skin care consultants play a crucial role in helping individuals achieve their skincare goals. With their expertise and knowledge of beauty products, they provide valuable guidance to clients and help them feel more confident in their skincare routine.

Skin ConcernRecommended Products
DrynessHydrating Cleansers, Moisturizing Creams
AcneOil-Free Cleansers, Acne Spot Treatments
AgingAnti-Wrinkle Serums, Retinol Creams
SensitivityGentle Cleansers, Calming Moisturizers

By analyzing the client’s skin and identifying its specific needs, skin care consultants can recommend appropriate products to address their concerns. They stay up to date with the latest trends and advancements in the beauty industry, ensuring that they can provide the most effective solutions for their clients.


A cosmetologist is a skilled professional who specializes in enhancing clients’ external features through various procedures. They have expertise in hair styling, pedicures, facial hair treatments, and wig styling, providing a wide range of beauty services to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Cosmetologists work in different settings such as salons, spas, resorts, hotels, cruise ships, and department stores.

One of the primary responsibilities of a cosmetologist is hair styling. They use their creativity and technical skills to cut, color, curl, and straighten hair, helping clients achieve their desired hairstyles. Whether it’s a trendy haircut or a glamorous updo for a special occasion, cosmetologists are trained to transform hair into stunning masterpieces. They also provide personalized recommendations on hair care products and techniques to maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

In addition to hair styling, cosmetologists offer a range of other services to enhance their clients’ appearance. They perform pedicures to pamper and beautify the feet, ensuring that clients leave with perfectly polished nails and soft skin. Facial hair treatments such as eyebrow shaping and facial waxing are also within their expertise, allowing clients to achieve a well-groomed and polished look. Moreover, cosmetologists are skilled in wig styling, helping clients undergoing medical treatments or those who desire a different look to find the perfect wig and style that suits them.

When working with clients, cosmetologists not only provide beauty services but also act as consultants. They evaluate the condition of the scalp, hair, and nails, offering personalized recommendations to address specific concerns. Keeping detailed records of clients’ preferences, allergies, and previous treatments allows them to provide tailored services during each visit. The ability to connect with clients and understand their unique needs is a vital aspect of being a successful cosmetologist.

Table: Comparison of Cosmetology Services

Hair StylingCutting, coloring, curling, straightening hair to achieve desired stylesTransforms hair, boosts confidence, enhances overall appearance
PedicuresFoot care, nail grooming, and polish applicationCreates polished and well-cared-for feet, relaxation, self-care
Facial Hair TreatmentsEyebrow shaping, facial waxing to remove unwanted hairDefines facial features, enhances facial appearance
Wig StylingSelection, fitting, and styling of wigsHelps clients achieve desired looks, provides options for hair loss

A career as a cosmetologist offers the opportunity to combine creativity and skill while making a positive impact on clients’ lives. With their expertise in hair styling, pedicures, facial hair treatments, and wig styling, cosmetologists play a vital role in helping individuals feel confident and beautiful.

Massage Therapist

A massage therapist is a professional who applies manual pressure to muscles and soft tissues to promote healing, relaxation, and overall well-being. Through various techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and hot stone massage, massage therapists help clients with pain relief, stress reduction, improved circulation, and injury recovery. The art of massage therapy has been practiced for centuries and continues to be an effective form of natural healing.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy offers a wide range of benefits for both the body and mind. By applying manual pressure to the muscles, massage therapists can help relieve tension, reduce anxiety, and promote a sense of relaxation. The physical manipulation of the muscles also improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which can aid in the body’s natural healing process. Additionally, massage therapy has been shown to reduce chronic pain, improve flexibility, and enhance overall physical performance.

“Massage therapy is not just a luxury, but a valuable tool for maintaining health and well-being.” – Dr. Jane Smith

Types of Massage

There are various types of massage that a therapist may specialize in, depending on their training and the needs of their clients. Some common types of massage include:

  • Swedish massage: A gentle, relaxing massage that focuses on the superficial layers of muscles.
  • Deep tissue massage: A more intense massage that targets the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues.
  • Sports massage: Designed for athletes and active individuals, this massage helps improve flexibility, prevent injuries, and aid in recovery.
  • Hot stone massage: Warm stones are placed on the body to relax the muscles and promote deep relaxation.

Hair Stylist

A hair stylist is a professional who provides a wide range of hairstyling services, including cutting, coloring, curling, and straightening. They have the skills and expertise to help clients achieve their desired hair styles while ensuring the overall health and integrity of the hair. Hair stylists work in a variety of settings such as salons, spas, and may even be self-employed.

Hair stylists use various tools and techniques to transform their clients’ hair. They are trained in the latest trends and styles, and they constantly update their knowledge to meet the evolving needs of their clients. Whether it’s a simple trim or a complete hair makeover, hair stylists have the creativity and technical know-how to deliver the desired results.

Furthermore, hair stylists also provide recommendations for hair care products and routines to help clients maintain and enhance the health and appearance of their hair. They understand the unique needs of different hair types and textures, and they can offer personalized advice to address specific concerns.

hair stylist

Table: Average Salaries of Hair Stylists in Different States

StateAverage Annual Salary
New York$37,220

The table above showcases the average annual salaries of hair stylists in different states. The salaries may vary based on factors such as location, level of experience, and the type of salon or establishment the hair stylist works in.

In conclusion, a career as a hair stylist offers both creativity and the opportunity to help clients look and feel their best. With their expertise in hairstyling services and hair care, hair stylists play a crucial role in the beauty industry.

Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists are skilled professionals who specialize in creating unique and personalized tattoo designs for their clients. They use their artistic talent to bring their clients’ ideas to life, creating intricate and meaningful tattoos. Whether it’s a small symbol or a full sleeve, tattoo artists work closely with their clients to ensure their vision is accurately portrayed on their skin.

Tattoo artists are not only responsible for the creation of tattoos but also for providing guidance and recommendations to their clients. They use their expertise to advise on suitable tattoo designs, placement options, and color choices. By collaborating with clients, tattoo artists ensure that the final tattoo reflects the client’s individuality and meets their expectations.

“I believe that tattoos are a form of self-expression and art. It’s an honor to be entrusted with creating a design that holds deep meaning for my clients. I always strive to deliver the highest quality work and exceed their expectations.”

In addition to creating new tattoos, some tattoo artists also specialize in tattoo removal. They use various techniques to safely remove unwanted tattoos, such as laser removal or cover-up tattoos. Tattoo removal requires skill and precision to ensure the best possible outcome for clients.

tattoo artist

Qualities of a Successful Tattoo Artist

  • Creativity and artistic ability
  • Attention to detail
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of tattoo safety and sanitation
  • Ability to work well under pressure

Overall, tattoo artists play a significant role in the world of body art. Their passion for art and their dedication to their craft allow them to create lasting and impactful tattoos for their clients.

Tattoo Design SizeAverage Cost
Small tattoo (1-2 inches)$50-$200
Medium tattoo (3-6 inches)$200-$500
Large tattoo (7+ inches)$500+

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists play a crucial role in enhancing clients’ appearances through the use of cosmetic products. They possess a deep understanding of different skin types and tones, allowing them to create personalized looks that highlight each individual’s unique features. Whether it’s for a special event, photo shoot, or everyday wear, makeup artists have the expertise to create stunning looks that make their clients feel confident and beautiful.

Working in various settings such as salons, boutiques, department stores, and spas, makeup artists have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients. They are well-versed in the latest trends and techniques, keeping up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of cosmetics. From natural, barely-there makeup to bold and dramatic looks, makeup artists have the skills to bring any vision to life.

As part of their role, makeup artists also provide valuable advice and recommendations on cosmetic products. They have extensive knowledge of different brands, products, and tools, enabling them to guide clients in selecting the most suitable options for their desired looks. Whether it’s finding the perfect foundation shade, choosing the right lipstick color, or learning the best application techniques, clients can rely on makeup artists to offer expert guidance.

makeup artist

In summary, makeup artists possess a unique blend of creativity, technical skill, and industry knowledge. Their ability to transform clients’ appearances and boost their confidence is what sets them apart. Whether you’re looking for a professional makeup application or seeking guidance on cosmetic products, makeup artists are the go-to experts for all your appearance enhancement needs.

Beauty Therapist

A beauty therapist is a skilled professional who provides a wide range of treatments and services to enhance your beauty and well-being. Whether you’re in need of a relaxing spa treatment, a pampering manicure or pedicure, or expert hair removal, a beauty therapist can cater to your specific needs.

Beauty therapists specialize in various areas of beauty and work in salons, spas, hotels, and resorts, ensuring that you receive top-notch service in a serene and rejuvenating environment. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a luxurious facial, relieve stress with a massage, or get your nails expertly manicured, a beauty therapist has got you covered.

With their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, beauty therapists can also provide guidance and recommendations on skincare products, helping you maintain your beauty routine at home. They take pride in their ability to create a relaxing and personalized experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and confident.


What is a skin care consultant?

A skin care consultant is a professional who works with clients to help them manage their skin care needs. They sell beauty products to address dry or flaky skin and enhance appearance.

What does a cosmetologist do?

A cosmetologist performs procedures to beautify clients’ external features. They specialize in hair styling, pedicures, facial hair treatment, and wig styling. They may also offer personalized recommendations, evaluate scalp or nails, and maintain records.

What is the role of a massage therapist?

A massage therapist applies manual pressure to muscles and soft tissues. They help clients with pain relief, recovery from injuries, circulation improvement, stress reduction, and relaxation. They may specialize in various types of massage and offer advice on pain management.

What does a hair stylist do?

A hair stylist provides hairstyling services such as cutting, coloring, curling, and straightening. They help clients achieve desired hair styles and maintain hair health. They use tools like scissors, dye chemicals, curling irons, and brushes.

What is the role of a tattoo artist?

A tattoo artist imprints ink onto clients’ skin to showcase specific designs. They consult with clients, schedule tattoo procedures, redesign existing tattoos, and offer tattoo removal. They work at tattoo parlors and may be self-employed. Some offer permanent makeup tattooing services.

What does a makeup artist do?

A makeup artist uses cosmetic products to change or enhance clients’ appearances. They handle a wide range of beauty products and tools and optimize clients’ features. They help clients get ready for special occasions and provide advice on cosmetic products.

What is the role of a beauty therapist?

A beauty therapist offers a wide range of treatments and services such as spa treatments, manicures, pedicures, and hair removal. They specialize in specific areas of beauty and work in salons, spas, hotels, and resorts. They may also train skin care specialists and cosmetologists.

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